Training kickflip and fakie kickflip - MY SKATEHIVE PROGRESSION.

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Hello friends of HIVE and Dtube welcome to another video for my channel, as I have been telling you these last post, I have been very unmotivated and off, but I decided to train and do sessions as if I was starting from scratch so I was motivating myself and being able to unlock little Little by little all the tricks, I wanted to start with two basic tricks kickflip and fakie kickflip, I don't know which trick I train tomorrow but my idea is to start with kickflip and fakie kickflip and train the next one and so in each video I will start with the tricks that end in the previous video so it would be a long chain of tricks seems to me a great idea to motivate myself and recover my tricks.


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Clean Kickflips brother! I always loved the feeling of a clean Kickflip even if it is just basic trick!
How about training Heelflips tomorrow?

brother I have always liked to do the tricks as cleanly as possible, so I have to repeat it thousands of times, that I will do tomorrow tomorrow train bs kickflip and half cab kickflip.