Nollie stance re-training. Nollie kickflip progression # 1.

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Hello friends how are you?
Welcome to another video for my channel, I have a long time without being motivated to say, I think that since this quarantine started I don't train on switch or nollie, so after a while, I decided to get in tune and train hard again I have a cheat list which I plan to unlock again, so I hope you enjoy this new path of progression.

Nollie kickflip is not such a difficult trick, but the truth is that on the one hand I am a little sad because I did not find the style I wanted when launching this trick, but I think the good side is that I could drop a lot of nollie kickflips, I think that I will give another video of progression to advance to the next trick of nollie, I will do a lot of my part, I was just skating normal and fakie all this time.


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Nice dude keep it up! It’s great to keep practicing things like this, they get better SBD better!

thanks for the comment friend, if I hope to achieve the confidence I had before with these tricks of nollie, I think that in a couple of sessions I will have some level again.

Nice my G that was very good progression!
I can't wait for progression #2