Training Half cab Kickflip - MY SKATEHIVE PROGRESSION.

in DTube2 months ago (edited)

Hello friends how are you?
Welcome to another progression video, today I leave you my half cab flip training, I trained it the same day as the bs flip but I wanted to do it in two videos, so the next I think it will be fs kickflip, I hope you are enjoying of this dynamic that I proposed to myself.


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Halfcab Flip master G!

Awesome man! I always loved pulling out a half cab kickflip. That's such a fun trick! Have you tried doing it backside? Or is the backslide flip you are referring to just a regular backside 180 kickflip? That one is challenging but once you get it, it ends up being a lot of fun!

friend I don't understand? like a fakie fs kickflip?

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