One of the best tricks I've ever fallen for. - #2 - Skate hive.

in hive-196037 •  last month  (edited)

Hello family, how are you doing?
Today I am going to share another of the best tricks that I have fallen and with luck I have recorded them today is a very fun trick, I really have a long time that I do not, it is caballerial fs noseslide 270 out, it is Another of the tricks that I want to do again and perfect it as much as I can, so I hope you enjoy it, friends.


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Good that you did not fall when you skated up to the platform.

Get it again! I'd like to see a new, smooth one in a video!

Caballeria master bro! Halfcab bs 5-0 bs 180 out next trick?

hey brother i should learn half cab bs 50 50 i have had it on my mind for a while.