Two tricks on Juan Griego Skatepartk -SKATEHIVE.

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Hello friends, welcome to another video for my channel, today I share two tricks that I could record this Saturday, they really are two basic tricks, I couldn't grbar much, I was very tired and the sun was too strong and I had no water at a bad time, but the good thing is to enjoy and always have something recorded friends, I hope you enjoy it.

Song: Juice Wrld - Cant Die.


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Awesome kickflip man! Was that a nollie flip or a fakie flip too? I think it was nollie but not sure if you're goofy or regular.

I love skating those ramps, they are so much fun to ride up, do a trick and ride back down.

Thanks brother is fakie kickflip I am regular, if they are fun I still do not fully adapt to the ramp, there are many tricks that I do on the floor that I can not unlock but little by little brother, thanks for your comment.

Keep it up man! I got used to the ramp and really loved it. Kickflips were so much fun to do on them. If you can do 360 flips, that's really fun too!

Trying to explain the way I would do them but I would do the trick but not lean forward, almost kind of lean back a little bit so you are more balanced with the ramp. It is hard to describe but thinking about it in my head right now, that is kind of how I am thinking my balance was to make the tricks easier.

Perfect fakie flip G. I find it so hard to do fakie tricks on transition!
Keep shredding bro!

Fantastic flip G!
You are getting better day day by day!