trying hardflip on the plane - Juan Griego park.

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Hello friends how are you?
Yesterday I uploaded a video trying half cab flip today I share this video doing hardflip, I really like that module of the park, since the others are poorly made, that park is very badly created, but well, I don't know if it is the time I have without going, that the truth my easy tricks, I do not do them in one, on the floor I manage to make it easy, it must be because of the inclination, so well I hope you like it friends.


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Good shit man! I hate when it's something like just your back foot that isn't cooperating and won't land on the board lol

Glad you finally landed one! You got close a few times. The one you landed was really nice, both feet solidly on the board and had some style to it!

thanks brother, hardflip is one of my favorite tricks, I think I can easily do 10 in a row, but in this plane I must train since I'm not used to it, I hardly ever go to that park and I always try to skate as clean as possible.

Nice! Hard flips were never something I could do. I had tried them a lot and maybe landed one or two but I couldn't get them consistently.

I would have a lot of fun on what we could call banks, or embankments, that you are skating! One of my favorites to do on them is just a nice kickflip or a 360 flip.

Keep it up man!

Hermano que lastima que no pude ir sali muy tarde del trabajo y estaba lloviendo, pero me gusto como lo caiste, siemprecon un estilo fresco.