First mission for my video part - Hardflip.

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Hello friends, yesterday I started a project with a job that I had in mind for a long time, and yesterday I decided to start with this once, we went to the lighthouse, I tried to record the first trick, hardflip, but boy, the stairs are small, but I had more than 8 months without jumping stairs, towards too much breeze, that got me out of focus but I think I had it very close, what do you friends say?

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Damn that's awesome, I couldn't imagine doing such a trick down some stairs. I hurt my ankle bad doing a kickflip down a set of stairs so I only really ollied down them since then, or did some 180's and stuff.

I always think if it will be a matter of our mind or our value, I am not a lot of stairs either but I want to motivate myself to do more things brother.

Yeah it’s mind over matter with a lot of these things. I didn’t have the confidence skating stairs but I was able to enjoy myself on flat ground, boxes and rails so that was my fun!

So close bro, especially the first tries!The board was just below your feet! A sick trick at that spot woud be a bs 50-50 at the hubba next to the 4 stairs and then drop to bs 50-50 at the smaller ledge at the landing!

Have fun at the streets buddy!

yeah brother, that trick would be a bit more your style right? I hope to drop it soon, I hope to make several good clips on the streets.