Practicing some editing - SKATEHIVE.

in hive-196037 •  2 months ago  (edited)

Hello friends how are you? Yesterday I had planned to go skating but the rain did not leave me, so I stayed at home practicing some editing, it really is frustrating to edit in this little lapto because the videos do not run, I only take the timelines, and I see the result after I export it, so well I hope soon to have a pc with which I can edit as before, quietly and satisfactorily, use clips from my last two videos, so I hope you enjoy it, see you in a next video.

Music :The Weekend - Blinding lights.


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Wow edit was amazing!
It came out great bro!
Big ups on blind editing too! Amazing!!

Thanks brother, I would like soon to have the pc to be able to work better, I wanted to give it some effects so that the video could be seen a bit old, I hope a skate vlog soon brother.

Looks pretty good, well done!

Thanks my friend.

Awesome edit brother! Disco type of songs really fit your skating! Dancer on a board G!

I really love this type of music brother, thanks for your comment, my friend.