New trick - Switch Fs 360 - Skate vlogs is back.

in hive-196037 •  last month  (edited)

Hello brothers, how are you?
Welcome to another video for my channel, I am very happy I was able to go skating and record something for you, boy did I have days without skating, I wanted to warm up with some basic tricks, and I wanted to learn a new trick that I really don't know if it turned out well or not, but well I think I would tell you, this is a trick that I expected to come out in the GAMEOFSTEEMSKATE a while ago but it did not come out, I plan every time I go skating to learn a new trick or retrieve a trick that has long without , I wanted to go for a fakie hardflip but I still did not feel strong, enjoy the video friends.


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NEWWWW trickk!


Awesome man, I was never able to do 360’s besides fakie or nollie and even those were like 270 with a final kick turn lol frontside was a lot of fun though!

Thanks friend, I think it turned out well in the end, I will continue training him to make switch 270 fs boardslide, greetings brother.

Yeah bro and it was clean as f*ck!
Good job G!

You won that battle! Great job dude!
And even threw a hardflip in at the end!! Nice :)