I can never do Fs tailslide? - Impossible trick for me?

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friends today I went skating and the truth was I wanted to learn tailslide, but I think my brain gets stuck thinking about that trick, the truth is I do my best but it does not slide, the figure does not slide, @knowhow92 what do you think? What should I do maybe, my foot is not landing well in the tail?

I will not give up and keep trying, until I achieve it but it costs me too much.


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hey man!
I just learned FS Tail, took me 6 years to learn it hahahahah but what really helped me get it was try popping considerably taller than the ledge so I have time to rotate myself well enough and put my weight on it.

Before, I tried to ollie straight into the Tail, without much air time.
Maybe that helps you out!

I think that is why it does not roll, maybe my weight is not falling on the tail, as you can see sometimes I step on it but it stays at a stop.

Maybe, man! Try it out and let me know.

Another important thing is body position. Since you have to rotate 90 and stuck your foot on the tail, it's easy to just stall. And if you put your weight too much backwards, you will slip off. Try finding that balance and I'm sure you'll get'em

I will keep trying, many friends tell me that it is like a lipside fs but the truth is I think this is more difficult.

Fs Tailslide are such a hard trick G but you are getting closer to land this one.

All you need is to rotate your shoulders and get in position for the fs tailslide before you pop your board. Then put all your weight in your back foot and enjoy the slide hehe!

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, What you put last gave me a lot of laugh, enjoy the slide, the truth feels like that when you want to slide, I mean, should I move my shoulders more?

Yeah G! Move your shoulders before you pop! Your shoulder must be in the correct position before your tail hits the curb!

This guy helped me with fs tailslides and he might help you too!