SKATECLIPS - SKATEHIVE!!!! clips with my new board.

in DTube3 months ago (edited)

Hello friends, welcome to another video for my channel, I had not made a skateclips for a long time and I did this recapping tricks since I assembled my new board, the truth is, little by little I am getting more used to the weight of the board, I hope you enjoy it friends.


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G so good edit! The fakie bigspin at the bank was my favourite and that song suits so well with your tricks and style!

Great edit brother!

Thank you brother, that style of music I love, next time I will go for a caballerial kickflip

You make it look too ez 😲

dude that noseslide 270 pop shove it out was so clean also you destroy the bank!
good sesh and enjoy your new skateboard @davixesk8 and skate life

gracias amigos hace tiempo logre sacarlo en nollie heelflip out!!!
Pronto lo intentare de nuevo.

hell ya, what a nice message