First bs boardslide with my friend YUBER - NEW SKATE HIVE.

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Hello friends, welcome to another video for my channel, today I will leave you with a new skater in the team, his name is yuber and he is learning to do the boardslide I hope you enjoy it, it is difficult for me to upload videos I never have light and when I have light I don't have internet this is chaos.


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I still remember my first boardslide 15 years ago and it felt fucking great hehee! Bet Yuber felt so good after this session!

Hope things with electricity will get solved soon brother! Much love yo!

It's incredible I learned to do fs board, it was hard for me to do fs 180 so it was then that I learned boardslide, unforgettable moments.

Right on! And more you try to post videos the more you figure them out!

But hey it's your work. It's original.

Keep skating and posting!

Thanks for the great comment.

Thank you for your content! And love seeing your work. The more you do the more you learn!