Trick # 1 - a Trick for danilo - Caballerial fs noseslide. - SKATEHIVE.

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Hello friends, welcome to another video for my channel, today I am fulfilling what I promised in previous post, and also what this new session is about, I explained it in previous post.
Caballerial fs noseslide is the first trick. The truth is, I thought it would take me 3 or 2 days to drop it, because this trick is hard for me to do, but I was too happy to drop it a couple of times.

I hope you enjoy it and I hope to be able to make it bigspin out soon, which is one of my dream tricks.

Soon I will tell you what the next trick will be, what I will choose to arm myself with courage and get it, I hope you enjoy the video, a lot of love for everyone.


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G this was so good! Congratulations! Master of Cab!

What's the enxt trick gonna be?