Dream Trick at the Kicker

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Hello everyone, what's up?

It's been some days since I skated and god damn, it felt so nice to finally roll again.
I wanted to take it easy at first 'cause my shoes have torn apart but after warming up I couldn't control myself and started trying various tricks of the kicker.

I landed a bunch of warm up tricks and after that I got all serious and started trying a trick I've never landed before.
What happened?
Click play and find out

Thank you all for watching and supporting me my friends, means a lot.
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God damn dude!!!

Yo brooooooo! <3

where's this skate park?

It's located at Ioannina city, Greece!
Από που είσαι φίλε μου?

A polu oraia, exo zisei se poles poleis, anamesa se autes kai ta Ioanina (imoun moro vevea).

Kateliksa stin a8ina apo opou kai metakomisa sto Londino prin 8 xronia!

Και πολύ καλά έκανες!
Όμορφα τα Γιαννενα αλλά όχι πρέπει να φύγω και εγώ σιγά σιγά! Χαχαχα!

distixos den exei tixei na ksanaepiskeutho. prin pola xronia vredika se ena meros pou legetai perdika kai nomizo pos einai polu konta.

tora to to pou kai pos, eksaratai poly apo to ti 8es na kaneis. ean exeis erotiseis gia tin agglia pantos euxaristws na voi8iso :)

Να'σαι καλα @camerarules. Ναι, διπλα ειναι η Περδικα. Εκει παω για μπανιο συνεχεια. Φανταζομαι θα ειχες ερθει για τον ιδιο λογο!

Αν ποτε βρεθω προς τα κει παμε για καμια μπυρα! 😉

nai steile mou ean eisai London :)

Dude! That fucking backside 360 flip was insane! I was loving the first 360 flip and thinking what else is in store then you pulled that shit out! That was so sick man!

Damn it that kicker looks like so much fun lol that kickflip looks like such a fun trick to pop off that thing.

Yoooo, I am so stoked on the Bigspin Flip man! It's the first time I land it off something and it was bolts!

Yeah, that kicker is so much fun man! The only thing that kinda irritates me is that you have to prepare fast for your trick cause you have to ollie on this kicker.

Yeah the Ollie onto it is definitely tough. I can’t really tell how big of an Ollie it is but we would steal street signs to put onto things like that lol had one for years that didn’t break so it helped.

Stoked for you man, that trick and the landing was smooth!

Thanks man! Yeah we do that too but only at street spots. To tell you the truth, ollie up that thing has helped me in becoming much faster at my foot placement so I guess that's a good thing! On the other hand I wish I could just get a ton of speed and not having to worry about popping my board 2 times for 1 trick lol!

Thanks for the hype bro!

Hell brother I'm going with all the tricks, big flip was very strong, RIP KICKER, Keep going.

Thank you bro! You saw that Bigspin right? hahaha! Bigflip was the next step and I am so happy I landed it!

I liked that bigspin a lot, brother, believe me.

Wow my friend, what an amazing session, all the tricks came out too good, I all liked that big flip was very clean.

Thank my G! Yeah, I am also so happy about this Bigspin Flip! It was bolts! yo!