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Click the link bellow to watch my video on Instagram


Instagram Description

Short teaser from my latest @skatehive #vlog 🔥
If you want to watch the full edit you can find it at my #peakd channel.
Link in Bio 👆👆👆
Big up to my sponsors for keeping me fresh and a huge thank you to @skatehive community for their support ❤❤❤
Hit the sign up button on and join the first decentralized #skateboarding community 💸💸💸


If we want to make our skateboarding community the best place to share your skate content online we have to work together and hard.

Skaters love Instagram cause skaters love sharing clips. There are over 10 Million posts tagged with #skateboarding on IG so it's the perfect platform to promote @Skatehive.

It is time to promote the sh*t out of @skatehive on Instagram

Every 2-3 days I am sharing short skateboarding teasers with my 579 followers on Instagram and send them over to my Hive blog to watch the full thing. You can do the same or you can just add the tag #skatehive at your Instagram video so @SkateHive ( can find your posts and repost them as IG stories!
It is on us to promote our skateboarding community.

Thank you all for watching and supporting me my friends!
Much love to everyone and #SKATEFORHIVE

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You're a beast bro! Inspirational af!
I'll get back to linking Hive in my Instagram again

That's the spirit bro! The more people join the more fun it will be ;)!