Unboxing my New Skateboard Sponsor Package - Thanks Propaganda Rolllin Co.

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Yoooooooooooo what's up guys?

It's been an awesome day for me today cause I received a package from my #skateboarding sponsor #PropagandaRollinCo (https://www.instagram.com/propagandask8).

I wanted to share my happy vibes with all of you so I recorded the #unboxing procedure. As usual, Propaganda took care of me and sent me a ton of stylish stuff! Thanks once again yo!

Thank you all for watching and supporting me my friends, means a lot.
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Much love and #SKATEFORHIVE

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Brother I love when you make these videos, I am very happy for you, I know that this motivates you to make a better skater every day brother, you deserve it.

Thank you so much for your words G! Which one was your favorite?

brother I loved the purple shirt that design is very cool, but you know that my favorites are the jackets, too much style.

Awesome Bro! :)
Looking good and "Propaganda" is the right sponsor for these times..haha...
Skate and Freedom Propaganda! ;)
(The video didn't show up on Dtube..?)

Yeah man, Kaza from Propaganda (the owner) is a legend and has been pushing the skate scene in Greece for over 20 years now!
What do you mean about "video didn't show up on Dtube"? It didn't appear at you Dtube home page?

Look here:
Just this, i can't scroll up or down...

Screenshot from 2020-06-18 19-45-17.png

What the hell! It works for me buddy!

??? Your Skate Bros Video was just running on dtube...
Could be temporary technical stuff... forget about it ;)

Yeah man no problem! Thanks for pointing it out though! Glitches happen!

True ;)

Wow brother, what a great video, you must be very happy.

Yo @ramonsk8 , long time no see! Yeah bro, I am so happy every time I open a sponsor package! I think it shows in my face! Hehehe!
Everything ok brother?

If it shows a lot of friend, I am very happy, I am well, I have been in the process of moving and that has not allowed me many things but I hope soon to start skating and recording videos as a brother place.