Practice something Fs noseslide - SKATE HIVE

in DTube2 months ago (edited)

Hello friends of dtube and hive community, welcome to another video for my channel, today was a very fun day I was practicing some fs noseslide, I broke the back of my shoe but it was a very fun session I hope you like my video, Thank you .

Camera : Myfriend @davixesk8

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Clean, fast and stylish as always Ramon!

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Thanks friend I was thinking of trying 270, David is very good at those movements, or I could try bigspin out, I'm just not very good at doing those tricks or taking them out to shove it.

You can definitely do a 270 out man! Shuvit is hard but you can do that too with practice! I suck at fs noseslides so there is no advice I can give you hahaha!

Yeah man, @davixesk8 is a fs noseslide and boardslide master! He did a Heel fs nose bigspin out if I remember correct! THAT'S SICK AS FUCK