Looking for a huge kickflip Fs - trick dedicated to @knowhow92.

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Hello friends of dtube and hive, welcome to another video for my channel, the last video I uploaded was trying a huge fakie fs kickflip or well at least that was what I wanted to achieve, and the friend @ Knowhow92 asked me for a kickflip Fs and well I tried to do it I hope it came out huge.


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Creo que si fue un enorme fs kickflip hermano.

YES G! That's what I wanted to see! Here is a small tip for making it happen (1 Hive)!
I love this mini challenges we give to each other. It really boosts our confidence to go out and have fun!

Cheers Ramon and say hi to David from me!

Now I am waiting for him to go skating, but he has not arrived yet, yes brother, since you talk about these little challenges I would like to see you do nollie 360 kickflip, I am sure that normal and fakie is already a no brainer.

Oh man I suck at Nollie and Switch Tre but I'll give it a shot the next time I go skating!
Let's see if I can get it!

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