Doing Fs kickflip and fakie fs kickflip - SKATE HIVE FLATGROUND.

in DTube6 months ago (edited)

Hello friends of dtube and hive, welcome to another video for my channel, the last video I was doing bs kickflip and fakie bs kickflip, I'm not really good at doing bs flip, but I managed to do at least 1.

I think it is easier for me to do tricks in Fs, as the fs kickflip I like the sound when I manage to drop it it sounds very good, so well I hope you enjoy this video, I will be practicing all the tricks I can.


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That so crazy bro !!
Keep shredding
This is very difficult for me, how do you landed it?

Thanks for the comment brother, fs kickflip is always a trick that I could do, varial heelflip and hardflip are tricks that I can easily do, although sometimes the hardflip doesn't work for me, I don't know why.
With practice you can do it.