Why Do People Like dCity and FarmFarmer?

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People are more interested in playing games these days. You can do a lot of things playing games on the blockchain. There are some popular games on Hive blockchain. dCity is one of them. FarmFarmer is one of the newest games on Hive blockchain.

Many people want to play games, but they do not have the time to play. So they are looking for games that do not take a lot of time to play. Here on dCity, you don't have to spend a lot of time. You need to buy cards and you can also sell cards that you do not want to keep. You can optimize your city and grow.

If you are on FarmFarmer, you also need to buy cards, delegate cards to yourself to start mining. You will get FARM token and you can stake FARM tokens to get FARMGOV. Let's watch this video.

dCity: https://dcity.io/info
FarmFarmer: https://farmfarmer.farm

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I am liking the rising star also apart from dcity. Not earning from rising star, plan is to buy 12 booster pack using 100K starbits.


To Tell everyone the truth I didn't understand first and after I started playing it and other hive game cbm etc I started to get hang of it and it's easy and load easily I just love it

I read some tutorials before getting into dCity. I keep learning and playing. dCity is coming up with new updates. Now you can customize your city.

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I did an investment in DCity in the beginning - 175 Hive, went and bought some cards and gathered some funds. I wanted first to get my investment back, but it proved to be a slow process. I switched the gear and now my focus is to continue growing the city through my SIM income. I am at almost 300 SIM a day which should allow me buying some housing buildings. Once I grow my income I can buy better income providing buildings.

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That was a wise decision I am to building my base on dcity for stable income I Know that not gonna be lot but I just love playing it and selling is a part it

I also keep reinvesting what I earn from dCity and building my city. It is not super fast, but you can get a good return if you think it long term. It's fun to make some changes and buy cards to optimize your city.

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