What We Did Before and What We Do Now

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When we were kids, we did something that's good. We usually get up early in the morning. Maybe you do not like to get up early, but your parents want you to get up early in the morning. You eat breakfast, go to school. All students do some basic exercises on the school ground. Then you go to the classroom.

When you get back from school, you are in a routine. At night, you sleep. Maybe you do not want to sleep, your mom tells you a story and you fall asleep hearing the story.

When you grow up, something changes. You forget what we did in the past and make some bad habits. It affects your overall health negatively. Let's watch this video.

Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. Thank you so much for watching the video.

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I want to go back to how I was as a child lol

All we have to do is to find the time machine. lol...

That is one way to go back to childhood :)

It was definitely better when we were children... lol... Less stress, more play, more fun... Yes, we can have all that today, but the feeling is different... :)

Routine is always following us, but it changes shapes... But, we should think more about our free time, and convert it into the quality time!

That was the best time ever. We cannot go back and be a kid again. We can do what you just said, convert our free time into quality time. :)

Being a kid really had its perks....the routine of school, the fun we had outside & going to each other's houses, & family life... I remember the innocence we had & how everything seemed larger than life. Nothing was impossible...

Once in a while, I capture that feeling again as it whispers through the moment....the magic every child is born with. I am blessed to have good memories (even through tough times) & will always tuck them in my heart! :)

Thanks for a nice video & reminding us of memorable moment s in our youth! :) 🧡🙏🏻🤗

As a kid, we did not realize that we had a great time back then. We have more responsibilities as we grow up. I also have really good memories during childhood. Thank you @pixiepost for sharing your thoughts and feelings.