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Good day @hivepets hope you're having a wonderful day. Public disclosure this pony isn't mine but it's quite a funny story.

So I'm out on the bike with lil miss 4 on the back burning off some negative energy from a previous Hive encounter and I hear some form of a weird neigh. I didn't think much of it at the time.


Lil Miss 4 shouts out horse! Horse! Dad a horse! At this stage were peddling at least at about 20kms an hour and I'm thinking what? I stop and ask her where. She points over to one of the back fences of a property and there, just peeping at us riding past is a pony in someone's back yard.


I head over with Little miss 4 on the back as a good day, more likely I couldn't handle the temper tantrum Lil miss 4 would have had, had I kept going. The pony came closer to say hello. Lil miss 4 gave it a pet and told me how beautiful it was.

I clinched and waited for what came next

"Dad, I want a pony. Can you buy me a pony for my birthday next year?".

I sighed and had the hard talk with her. "Only if you behave, Santa might bring you one for Christmas".


We continued on our path and kept riding along the creek line.

But it got me thinking, what out of the ordinary pets do you have or do others have?

Traditionally in Melbourne, Australia most people have the typical cat and dog with the odd bird. Maybe even a goldfish, I have to admit this is the first time I have come across someone who actually has a pony.

I wonder if they couldn't resist their kids puppy dog eyes begging them for a pony for Christmas.

Some parents really set the standards high 🤣


"Dad, I want a pony. Can you buy me a pony for my birthday next year?".

CLASSIC! haha, all kids someday in their life wish to have a pony. Btw that pony is beautiful.

Thank you, indeed it is a beautiful pony.

Ah man! If only I had the space I reckon there would be a giraffe at home also!

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No worries. I thought it must have been a mistake so leave it as it is fine.

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