New old exercise equipment - Wooden Dummy

in Martial Arts2 months ago

Well as in my previous post, I described that I am picking up martial arts again to burn off some Covid fat and get back into shape. I had previously bought some dummy arms that strapped on to a heavy bag. I found that those did not give the same support or angles needed to follow proper form and training that I need as I re-learn these skills.

To better serve the purpose, I went ahead and got a real Wing Chun Wooden Dummy. This is doing much better and I can definitely tell the difference. This is used to train both balance, form and practice timing of blocking and punching while "sticking" to the arms. There are some good Youtube videos out there if anyone is interested. It's certainly a lot harder than it looks! It's fairly easy to learn 3-5 moves and practice them, but learning to do all the various combinations and complex movements shifts, combined with proper footwork is quite challenging. I'm really enjoying it so far and excited to get back into practice and maybe make my own video using it in few months.

And just another ping for the movie IPMan (1-4) - If you have interest in martial arts and haven't seen it yet, check it out!



Wild looking contraption.. will check out... IPMan (1-4)

I still like #1 the best, but the others are all good too. Even #4. Not the wire-fu flying stuff, most of it very realistic fighting techniques with just a little Hollywood exaggeration.

Looks incredible, I hope you're getting some good use out of it. I'm a big fan of all the Yip Man movies too!

Definitely enjoying this more than the one that strapped on to the heavy bag. That one may be useful later, but this classic version much better for learning proper form. Just memorized the first form sequence this past weekend. Still working on light and smooth.