Sites Where My Mouse Cursor Goes Since I Joined Hive Blog

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Note: I cut the image from the browser (opera mini) app I use.

Hive Wallet:
We can call it the gateway to the Hive Blockchain world. I often use the market part, especially. You can make a profit by exchanging Hive-HBD in the market section.

Ecency has a very useful interface. I can say that the interaction point I use most often. Ecency points application is highly encouraging. Thanks @ecency

I also use the site, although not very often. There are other advantages, of course, but it is very nice for those who prefer to have the option in the reward collection settings.

You can share your finances on this platform. You can at least use the "leofinance" tag. Leo is one of the notable tokens in the hive universe. You can earn Leo by using Leofinance.

Broadhive is a new formation compared to the others. However, I think it is going well for the beginning phase. Shares with finance, technology and blockchain content are made. You can earn BHT by using this site or by using the "broadhive" tag in appropriate content.

If you are interested in sports and sports like me, you should use this site or the "sportstalk" tag. You can earn Sports by doing this.

As far as I know, there are 3-4 exchanges in the Hive universe for crypto trading. However, I prefer Leodex.

The site I use to rent Hive Power. There are other alternatives, but I think this is the most appropriate. If you are thinking of renting Hive Power, you can visit.

I made this post especially to be a guide for new users. There may be shortcomings. You can contribute all kinds of comments in the comments.

Note: The translation of the article from Turkish was made thanks to google translation.


One more useful post. Thanks for sharing 🙂👍

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Dear @ahmetay thank you for using the "broadhive" tag on this post and mentioning our project. Do you consider sharing your posts on BroadHive, too. I think there will be lots of people who are ready to read your valuable posts 😊

Anyone can share their posts about finance, blockchain, technology, evolution of products and their skills on 🙌

Have a wonderful time on Broadhive.

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You're welcome, it was my pleasure. Of course, I am thinking of publishing on I hope everything goes well.

Yay! 🤗
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