Oh, so you support horse whipping do you?

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I like animals...You know where you stand with them. Step on an Eastern Brown snake and you'll get bitten, walk around on the savannah in Africa near a pride of hungry lions and you'll get chased and eaten. Go surfing in certain parts of Australia and you may get eaten by a shark...Cuddle and care for a cat and you'll get snuggles back...It's a simple sort of relationship really. Animals just do what they do. Humans on the other hand...Well, that particular breed of beast is one that simply can't be trusted.

I cull animals on a big farm, yes, with a gun; Feral pests. It's done to mitigate the damage they cause, which can be very costly, keeping the cost of produce to the consumer down and also to protect the natural environment, fauna and flora, from destruction caused from introduced or out-of-control animals. I get called cruel for this...I'm not of course, but that's some people's opinion and they are entitled to it. Of course, if those people use animal products at all they should shut their hypocritical faces. Again, just my opinion.

Ok, so whats this all about? Well, tomorrow the Melbourne Cup will be run; Australia's biggest horse race. The day that stops Australia they call it. I find it bloody stupid and horse racing in general cruel.

I don't want to go on about the race though...It's very clear that horse racing is simply a vehicle designed to permit people to bet on...You know, invest their hard-earned cash in a rigged and manipulated "sport" in the hope they will get a return on that investment. src

No, I want to talk about the sport of whipping a horse around a track to make it complete the distance in the shortest possible time. I think it's cruel.

Yes, I know people will disagree saying the horses like it; That the horses love to run and revel in the opportunity. I get it. Horses do like to run. But I'm not sure they'd choose to have some little asshole riding on their back whipping them with a riding crop urging them to run faster...I think they'd prefer to just run, of their own accord, where and when they would like to run.

I've been thinking of a new sport that could quite possibly become even greater than horse racing and could alleviate the strain and pain horses are put under for the enjoyment of human beings...What's it called? Well...

It's called human racing! That's right...Human racing. Don't worry, you can bet on it just like horse racing. It's a very similar sport, just better. Revolutionary in fact.

Human racing also uses unwilling participants, just like horse racing. They aren't asked to do it either, just like horse racing...They are just taken, placed in confining human stables and brought out for training and of course race day, just like horse racing.

Here's how it works

Criminals are selected for their suitable attributes...You know, rapists, murderers, child-molesters and other undesirable assholes who don't want to join modern society in an effective and productive way, and are whipped around a track by their jockeys [The victim's families maybe?] Other people bet on the outcomes. It's a pretty simple concept. The jockeys don't ride the criminals though, just ride along behind them on a scooter with a whip lashing them as they go. Faster criminal, faster!

If they trip, fall and break a leg? Easy. Shoot them, just like in horse racing. Can't run anymore, too slow? Easy, off to the glue factory, just like in horse racing. What a great sport!

I'd think after a season or two of human racing good racing stock may be hard to find as the crime rate would be significantly lower.

Sound good? What do you think? Gonna take off?

In truth I know my new sport will [probably] never see the light of day and horse racing will continue to occur. Horses will be whipped around tracks all over the world by humans, simply so that other humans can invest money into betting - Often the poor making the rich richer..."Poor horses?" Well, maybe I guess...But if a person saying that supports the industry by attending events and betting on the outcomes then the words poor horses don't carry a lot of weight and ring a little hollow don't you think?

I've had people who call me cruel for culling feral animals, for hunting. The same people who slather their faces with cosmetics made with dead-animal products, don clothing made from dead-animal products to attend horse racing events where animals are beaten with sticks around a track for their amusement - All the while eating dead-animal products while laughing and smiling in enjoyment.

Enough said.

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Haha, you have a cruel streak! It's funny that what you suggest would be seen as much more unacceptable, despite the crimes these people may have committed.

In my experience, horses do love to race each other and if it was as case of them being allowed to do that and betting on the outcome, fine. We have no control over that, though, do we? In my opinion that makes the be betting outcomes all the better. When the star horse decides he doesn't feel like running today that's going to mix everything up! 😆

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I think horse racing is cruel and can’t imagine a horse enjoying the whipping. We’ll never know though. But what we do know is that I think it’s cruel, especially since it’s all done for human’s enjoyment. Human’s seem able to justify any behaviour and be selective about what they feel is animal cruelty. Pathetic.

P.s. I have a “cruel streak” for suggesting human racing, but horse racing is legit? Hmm...

I’d whip a human with a riding crop before I whipped a horse with it, gladly.

Oops, I guess tone didn't come across in my comment. There was supposed to be sarcasm in there. I have never been to horse racing, watched it or gambled on it and have no intention of doing so. I rode ponies as a child, no crops involved, and they used to love racing on occasion. I guarantee you we had little impact on their choice to race or not, though (when one didn't want to canter he was not going to canter). I think if horse racing were entirely on the horses' terms it would be an entirely different ball game and might actually be fun to watch, but we know how much humans like to be in control, so that's not going to happen.

I do also think it's interesting that many would be horrified at the idea of us doing the same to criminals (except maybe the families of the victims), but are fine with treating horses like that.

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I'm no environmental or animal crusader, just don't value the way human beings feel entitled to beat horses around a track and call it a sport considering it's done to support betting. I understand the challenge of training an animal to make it perform at its peak but not the rest of it, the beating. It's the accepted thing though I guess...I wonder how the jockey would feel getting beaten by a punter who lost his bet, with a riding crop, if he lost a race...

Ah I don't know, was just something to post I guess...I hate the Melbourne Cup hype and the bullshit that revolves around it...

Entitlement does seem to be something many people have a lot of. I didn't realise the Melbourne Cup was on. I guess I missed the hype. My daughter was just saying she thinks it's a rich person thing.

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Yep, I agree with your daughter. Smart girl. I avoid it like the plague...Have a good week. 👍🏼🤗

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Human racing now that sounds like something that would be interested to watch🤣

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It’s a winner for sure! 😂

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No doubt someone would win👍

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Ever seen midget bowling?

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No sounds funny.

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I had a t-shirt in high school that said nuke the whales 🤣🤣 I am pretty environmentally conscious, but still, I eat really unhealthy. Need to be better. We don't go to the carnival, zoo, or aquariums. I told my wife I am going to stop using soap to save the frogs but then I would be facing devastating consequences 🤣

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I’ve never liked horse racing; No real reason for my dislike for it, but have never been one to whip animals for no apparent reason so maybe that has something to do with it. Happy to eat them, but don’t see that whipping them is legit like some people do. I hate it when people justify it by saying horses like to race...Never met a human that used to be a horse so I guess they wouldn’t know would they? Humans will justify their bad behaviour in any way that can I guess.

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