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Hello to everyone!!!


My name is Fotis, i live in Greece and i'm 14 years old.
My hobbies are skating, drawing, creating beats, playing guitars and break dancing.
I like listening to electronic, rock and metal but mostly to hip-hop/rap music.

My friend @dikayskate told me about this platform where you can share your work and get some money. So, why not!!



Find me Here:
  • Update about my new beats on my insta page here
  • Also check out my drawings here


Awesome bro!!
Sick boardslide, keep shredding man!

Thanks bro!!!
Appreciate it!

welcome to the best skateboarding community @frza.azazel
always is amazing to see what skaters do in all over the world, @keepskating420 support you from Mexico!

Many thanks!

Yoooo, welcome to Skatehive bro! Feel free to ask me anything you want (ellinika i aglika xaxax) about peakd and #Hive!

Skatehive is way more than just a place to make money though! Of course you earn crypto for your skate posts but you also meet new people and learn new things!

Last thing I wanna tell you is that you can subscribe in the official Skatehive skateboarding community ( and share your posts in the community instead of just using the skatehive tag so we won't miss your post!

Feel free to ask me your questions or message @dikayskate

Much love and #SKATEFORHIVE YO

Many thanks, i'll start posting these days to skatehive!
i have seen that skatehive is a great community
i'll keep you in touch!

welcome to Hive!


Welcome Fotis! !BEER

Thank you!!!

Welcome bro. 💯

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Awesome! Really cool to see another skater signing up here. We're starting to gain more and more of them! Tell your friends :D

Welcome to Hive! There are some things to learn and figure out for sure but this is an awesome place for so many people around the world to connect with people, learn things and have fun. One of the best things I can recommend for you to do is to visit other peoples posts and comment on them. That's one of the most important things to do!

Look forward to seeing you around here man, nice little board slide there!

Thanks for the informations. For sure i'll tell my friends!!

Welcome to Skatehive Fotis!

thank you!!

Welcome frza.azazel!
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Hey @frza.azazel, here is a little bit of BEER from @droida for you. Enjoy it!

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I'll check BEER community the next few days

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Hey bro, welcome to hive untitled.gif

Thank you very much!!

Welcome Fotis! Have fun on Hive 😉

Thank you very much!!

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You're welcome 😉

Welcome to the Hive.

Thanks a lot!!!

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