This Surprised Me In My Second Day On Steemit – What Now?


I was fairly surprised to read a comment from @arcange that I was included in the hit-parade for newcomers!! What made it even more special was making it in the three lists for votes, comments and payments. This is a small victory and motivation for me to continue creating content that, hopefully, resonates with the Steemit community, which is awesome.

hit parade_v1a.jpg

After concluding my first two days on Steemit, I wanted to learn as much as I can about the Steem blockchain, how it works, and why are there different currencies? Couldn’t we just use one for simplicity and practicality? What do other newbies like me think about the platform and what are their goals?

What Next

So, I did the most logical thing to do and followed the recommendations in the Welcome page, which contains a “To Do List”, a “Quick Start Guide”, “Helpful Posts from Steemit Users”, an FAQ page, recommended users to follow and a collection of other resources, which includes the Bluepaper, Whitepaper and where to get help, if ever you find yourself in a precarious situation on the platform. I have to say that it’s a handful and it may take some time for me to complete everything on the list.


I believe that people new to the STEEM platform need to learn as much as they can about it from the official channels, but I have found a few good articles that really helped me understand what steemit is about and it may be helpful to others as well.

So, here goes!

A Very Short Reading List for Newbies

Like me, I imagine that there are other newbies who easily get lost and become confused after registering. This is my gift: a very short short list of informative posts every newbie needs to read. These gave me insights and it might just help you too.


In this post, @donkeypong skillfully used an analogy to explain the difference between Steem, Steem Dollars and Steem Power. Using photos, images, a drone and good old The Simpsons humor, @donkeypong manages to simplify the complex concepts to make it feel like the Steem blockchain is easy peasy. The Mr. Burns’ quote in the end is my favorite.


This is a good example of an Introduceyourself post. But, what makes it more remarkable to me is the last part of the article where @crazy-unicorn asked very relevant and important questions that can help save us a lot of research time. I recommend scrolling down to the “Questions related to Steem I have (please help ^_^)” for a quick look and the comments section for answers.

Welcome page


Now, having listed these helpful articles, I still suggest plodding through the Wecome page list on your free time. It’s thorough and full of practical advice from Steemit people and Stemians who have been here far longer than we have.


Thanks for dropping by and sharing your precious time to read through my post. You may want to drop by @arcange post to see the complete list.

And, as I begin my journey here on Steemit, I hope to create more engaging, funny, helpful and inspiring content that might just help us reach our goal.

That’s it for now. All the best everyone!


Very good and useful information
I also have read through the welcome pages and have benefited also! Congrats on making the newcomers list.

Yes, @audiefaith. Steem rocks!

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Thanks @steemitboard.

I'm glad I have been able to bring some motivation to you to continue blogging on Steem ;)

Yes, you did @arcange. Blogging on Steem has always been the plan and why I am here. Thanks.

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Thank you so much for your interest!

Thanks for the welcome, @partiko. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten around to checking out the mobile app, but I will one of these days. So using the Partiko app earns me points? How does it work?

Welcome to steemit @juanvegetarian.

Welcome the new steemians. Have a great day!

Hey, @tuanis! I checked out some of your recommendations and found some good communities. I'm curious to know how it works. Take for example @qurator. How can I join and what happens if I join? Sorry for the newbie questions. I feel that these are great groups though.

Congratulations @juanvegetarian!
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Thanks @arcange! I appreciate the support you give newcomers. All the best.

congratulations on your accomplishment!

that looks like really helpful information for new people. I will be sure to check out your links. Thank you for the help!

Most welcome @stormcharmer. Are you new to Steemit and to blogging?

I did my second post today. Are you enjoying it here?

Yes, @stormcharmer. was just busy with other things. Great "introduceyourself", by the way. :)

thank you very much!