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I was checking around to give away my brave token stored from my browser brave
I know I can keep them but what a way to promote and curate.
I mostly browse with Brave and I accumulate quite a few when I watched ads.
Glad that it allows me to give them away.
I prefer to make the gesture and curate to the site of steem-engine.

Many other sites already verify to receive brave tokens.
I did check like #sportstalksocial, #steemleo, even steem-engine
are ready to receive brave tokens.
How do you set your site to receive brave token ?
Just get yourself to brave and you will get it set up
Here is the address at
All the way to the bottom


#reggaesteem you are on the list of site.
Just need to verify and the flood gate will open.
#dblog same thing verify
#upfundme same thing verify
#palnet as well should verify
#photostreem you are on the list

The brave browser is part of IOS and Android mobile phone.
If you do, use it to accumulate brave token and share
with your beloved sites.
Can't wait to share it with you all.
Stay tuned!

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What do you mean by the "flood gates will open"? While some ReggaeSteem members, especially those who create videos may benefit from registering for Brave rewards, I am not sure if the platform itself will receive rewards. The people here create content, ReggaeSteem just brings them together.

When you browse on Brave do you see ads on ReggaeSteem? If you don't you are inadvertently hurting the platform as they receive revenue from limited ad placement. If you want to support content creators don't block ads. I really don't get the sustainability of Brave as who injects money into the system? The desire to avoid ads isn't nearly as strong as the desire to market products.

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Actually I read how brave works. Yes brave browser don’t let ads in unless you ask for ads.
#reggaesteem will earn when I send my brave tokens to them. It is a win win cause everything on the net has a price. So by having ads that I want #reggaesteem will earn more.
Actually #reggaesteem already had ads from my iphone
I think this could be another ways of potential earning from Brave.
I am looking for more ways to sustain the platform.
What do you think ?

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@dmilliz publishes some of his content on Brave. There is another unnamed supporter of ReggaeSteem who is a strong proponent for Brave as well. Nothing is wrong with showing ReggaeSteem posters how they can 'double-dip' and earn more crypto rewards.

#ReggaeSteem itself aims for much more than acquiring some Brave, the issue is time.

I use Brave too. Brave earns because an advertiser pays for adspace. Same as Google display ads. These ads are shown to the people who turned on Brave Rewards (99%). A share goes to the person who watched the ad, another share goes to Brave itself. With these earned rewards (in BAT) a Brave user can now select a couple of favorite authors ( for example) to tip every month or one a 1 time basis. It is not the author (you or me) that gets the Bat, but the website. So you can ad reggaesteem as a verified publisher, and the YouTube channel too. Now you earn Bat on all the Brave users who blocked ads on your site anyway. I know from experience its not quite as much as with regular ads. But something is better than nothing and it picks up in time

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@pouchon.tribes, In my opinion Brave Rewards becoming Contributing Factor towards Content Creation Economy. Stay blessed.

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