Knee Bar from Side Control Escape Sequence | Jiu-Jitsu Submissions

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While teaching an Instructor Certification Course we took a little tangent to explore this knee bar I have been hitting in training from a side control escape sequence. The reason I call this escape sequence "superior" isn't that it is better than anyone else's, but just that it is better than simply settling for replacing the guard as the primary option. It can also not only gain you the top position in many cases, but can lead to submission opportunities like this knee bar see here.

Big thank you to all Paul with Midwest Krav Maga and the Fit to Fight Republic for the integration of this curriculum, and to those that have completed the instructor evaluation and certification so far. If you are near an FTF affiliation, make sure to check it out, and get some fantastic training!

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That is an interesting knee submission, and that whole sequence is cool to watch.

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Thanks @tipu!

Thanks! I thought it was a pretty nice catch for a submission off of the transition.

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Excellent demonstration of this technique. Very good explanation. Thank you for making the video and for sharing your knowledge. Regards @knightbjj