Problems with The Guillotine Choke for Self Defense | featuring Eli Knight & Ryan Hoover

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This is a discussion about something that drives me crazy. All the things that people say they “would do” in response or reaction to a choke are very revealing about their level of training or their actual experience with applying or having chokes applied to them.

There was a recent “self defense expert” showing a pressure point release to a Guillotine Choke that was in the top 5 most unrealistic responses I’ve ever seen.

I’ve had countless comments on videos where I demonstrate and explain front headlocks and guillotines by the “just shoot/stab him” crowd about what they would do, which by the near impossibility of what they describe, reveal that they have never had this choke actually applied to them. But they have a computer and keyboard and an imagination and can lie about their “training experience” so they get a voice in the comment section unfortunately.

The breakdown in the conversation comes from lack of training, and people being dishonest with themselves about their abilities. My opinion is this:
Train real things.
Talk online less than you train.

Pretty simple. Hope you enjoy the video. Thanks to Ryan for doing this video with me and to Fit to Fight®️ México and the whole FTF Republic family.

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