Toehold and Backtake Technique and FREE Flip Flop Giveaway! Free Jiu-Jitsu Stuff

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Aside from a really cool attack, pass and backtake sequence in this video, there is also a giveaway for Toehold® Hand Made Flip Flops. These are seriously stylish, amazingly constructed flip flops like nothing else in the game. To be entered for the giveaway, do the following:

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It is important to have good leg attacks to combine with your guard passing, and the toehold from standing open guard is an extremely useful tool. This video shows the use of the toehold, how to secure it and a way you can threaten it in order to take the back in a really sneaky way. I hope you like it!

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Filmed on location at Fit-to-Fight in Charlotte, NC

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