Virtual Fight for Social Distance Times

in knightbjj •  3 months ago 

A little social distance can’t stand in the way of a virtual beatdown. This video features some friendly violence with these friends:
Amber Staklinski
Eli Knight
Colleen Daly
Greg Nelson
Bobby Taboada
Seth Adams
Ryan Hoover
Johnny Buck
JD Caputo
Alex Ormaza
Adolfo Salas
Morgan Salas
Silvia Susseth
Eric Lance
Daniel Chacon
Anya Wallace
Jason Johnson
Thanks to everyone who participated and we can’t wait to see more of these fight challenges pop up
Music: Action Crave by David Fesliyan
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hhahaah I absolutely LOVE this video!!!!

Thanks! We try hard 😁

Somehow funny... nicely done😂😂😂

Thank you 😁Glad you enjoyed it @elvielins.