I am a Kobe fan since 1998, and damn it hurts so bad! RIP Kobe you're still the GOAT for me.

I have been a Lakers fan or should I say a Kobe fan since 1998 and that was the first time I saw him play on television. Growing up its not almost hyperbolic to say that every kid in my generation or same age group idolize Kobe more than MJ and more than Lebron(in today's generation).

Seeing my fellow Kobe fans, crying and couldn't contain their emotions, I mean Kobe transcends not just in the NBA but as an athlete globally as he inspires the next generation to be great at their own passion beyond the boundaries of a basketball court.

Photos : via Reuters | As Lakers fans mourns for the loss of arguably the best ever Laker to wear the purple and gold. Rest in Peace my idol, the best ever to do it in my own opinion.


Could the fake news lie about how Kobe Bryant died or was Kobe murdered?

Yeah, i always thought that Kobe was a pretty decent dude and even though it probably wasn't the right opinion to have, i presumed he was innocent during the rape trial.

He is one of the greatest, that is for sure. I always go back and use the classic teams when I am playing NBA 2K20 so I can play with Kobe and Shaq!