Last Man Standing Round 3 Selections. 1 Day to Go.

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So most of the selections are in. We only need 4 more for a full house of selections. @oxygen02, @minhaz007, @barbadosso|, @haseez I need your selections before tomorrow evening.

Selections So Far

EntryTeam Selected Week 1Week 2Selections Week 3
@talesfrmthecryptLiverpoolArsenalTottenham Hotspur
@sm-broManchester CityLiverpoolTottenham
@shitsignalsTottenhamArsenalLeicester City
@jarautravelsManchester CityLiverpoolManchester United
@miniminingArsenalEvertonManchester City
@deniskjManchester CityLiverpoolLeicester City
@leedsunitedLiverpoolNorwichManchester United
@ritxiTottenhamArsenalManchester City
@giornalistaTottenhamEvertonManchester United
@burn-it-downLiverpoolArsenalMan United
@pandaparkerLiverpoolArsenalManchester City
@lalupitaManchester CityLiverpoolManchester United
@zammieTottenhamLiverpoolManchester City
@pastraneLiverpoolArsenalManchester City
@hersi007Manchester UnitedEvertonTottenham Hotspur
@paaszTottenhamArsenalManchester City
@pastzamManchester CityLiverpoolManchester United
@oxygen02LiverpoolArsenalNo Selection
@barbadossoLiverpoolArsenal Manchester United
@haseezManchester CityLiverpoolNo Selection

It is a mixed bag this week but most contestants are going for the top 6 mostly the Manchesters. @abh12345.sports has gone for Wolves and @deniskj has gone for Leicester City. If United , City or Spurs draw there will be a bloodbath this week. Ooooo I am excited. It should be an interesting week.


So below are the fixtures this weekend. I think the choices are pretty much the favourites in every match. Nobody went for Liverpool and Arsenal which is interesting but most of you have them chosen already.
Screenshot 20190819 at 23.16.49.png

Best of luck this weekend. I will publish an update on Monday with the results.


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I told you last week, you had minhaz007 twice with two different teams, now you have him again, once knocked out and waiting for an answer with the other team. You should fix this.

Corrected (again)

you have created a spectacular competition ... I really enjoy it a lot. Thank you

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From @hertz300

I want participate .

Nice one bro.

Man Utd

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