Last Man Standing Week 2. Current Selections and Final Call For Selections Before Weekend.

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So the results in week 1 of last man standing. There were 59 entrants in total . In total we had 20 participants knocked out. 33% strike rate in the first round.
So who have you guys selected for round 2 so far? It is alot tougher this week. 10 have selected Arsenal so far. 8 have selected Liverpool. Remember the only real rule is :

You Cannot Select the Same team twice

Fixtures This Weekend.

Screenshot 20190815 at 21.05.33.png

Yep I told you this competition is not easy. Very few selections for those that picked Arsenal last week. I wouldn't bet on city beating Spurs. I think Liverpool will see off Southampton away but will they be too tired from the Supercup midweek. Brighton and West Ham is an interesting one. The hammers really start their season this weekend. They had no chance last weekend and everyone knew it. It was damage limitation at 5 - 0. Nor would I bet against Watford or Everton. This weekend is a bookies dream. Norwich versus Newcastle again is anyones game. The best bets are similar to the betting already, Arsenal and Liverpool. Still waiting on quite a few of you to get your selections in. If there is no selection for week 2 given then we pick a team for you depending on the league table. So if you have not selected Manchester City already then you will be automatically allocated them this week if I get no selection. So get your bloody selection in people. Thanks to those of you who have their selection in already. This competition is closed off to the people who got through from week 1 for those of you that want to enter. There will be another competition after this one so you can keep an eye.
Deadline for selections is 12.30 GMT Saturday 17TH August.

Week 2 Selections

EntryTeam Selected Week 1Week 2
@fejalrahemanTottenham HotspurThrough to Round 2
@blazingManchester CityThrough to Round 2
@obestTottenham HotspurThrough to Round 2
@diogosantosSpursThrough to Round 2
@akshaykumar12257BurnleyThrough to Round 2
@abh12345.sportsTottenhamThrough to Round 2
@stevelivingstonTottenhamThrough to Round 2
@sm-broManchester CityLiverpool
@musamalijamesTottenhamThrough to Round 2
@shitsignalsTottenhamThrough to Round 2
@jarautravelsManchester CityLiverpool
@madushankaManchester CityThrough to Round 2
@minhaz007ArsenalThrough to Round 2
@deniskjManchester CityLiverpool
@giornalistaTottenhamThrough to Round 2
@cryptoandcoffeeLiverpoolMan City
@erikahTottenhamThrough to Round 2
@pataty69LiverpoolThrough to Round 2
@burn-it-downLiverpoolround 2
@lalupitaManchester CityLiverpool
@haseezManchester CityLiverpool
@minhaz007LiverpoolThrough to Round 2
@hersi007Manchester UnitedEverton
@pastzamManchester CityLiverpool

Just looking at above. @leedsunited is taking a risk going with Norwich to beat Newcastle. It is great to see someone picking a team outside the top ten and newly promoted I might add. Newcastle are having problems but will Steve Bruce get his first win. @hersi007 and @minimining are going for Everton against Watford. Again a bit risky but Audere est facere. On that note noone has selected Tottenham this week. The team who knocked city out of the champions league. 😉

Best of luck

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My crystal ball says Liverpool.

Thanks Hunzo


Bring it on

Will Chelsea be tired after throwing the kitchen Sink at Liverpool in Turkey?

No lol I think CHELSEA will win their next EPL game, they played well against Liverpool


Cheers for the reminder :)

Thanking you ! 😀


Manchester City this time

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Come on Southampton is all I can say, that'd cut the numbers down!

Come on Southampton
Is all I can say, that'd
Cut the numbers down!

                 - talesfrmthecrypt

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Everton for me..