Patience is key to breakeven in crypto business

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If there is still anyone out there who want to venture into cryptocurrency business or investment with a get-rich-quick mentality, should just beat about-turn. Patience is central to success in every aspect of human endeavour and cryptocurrency investment is no exception. This fact I have learnt overtime, though via the hard way.

History of my first experience with crypto

I was one of the early crypto enthusiasts in Nigeria. It's quite true to posit that crypto has long existed before 2016/2017, and sure there are quite a number of Nigerians who might have come into contact with the new technology. That's true; no argument about that.

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True as that may be, however, Nigeria began to experience its major crypto renaissance following the collapse of a popular ponzi scheme, MMM, in the period between 2016 — 2017. MMM while still functioning, adopted bitcoin payment model as one of the avenues via which individuals can invest funds into the program and get paid too.

So when the program collapsed, with non-existent job opportunity in the country, hardworking Nigeria youths had no option than to continue to explore the new technology in search of a more viable means of sustening life. This was how many people in Nigeria discovered cryptocurrency including yours truly.

Discard Get-rich-quick mindset in your crypto hustle

Yeah you heard me right. I was among the first set of Nigeria folks who accidentally stumbled upon cryptocurrency world. But, disappointedly, can I be said to be among the people who have recorded visible achievements from their time investment in the new technology? No! Why? Nothing but lack of focus, inconsistency and get-rich-quick mentality.

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When hiveminds came to old Steemit, I was among the early investors of sports community. I invested time and money, and recruited a lot of people into that community. However, I left the project when sports token was diving South because of impatience and get-rich-quick mentality. With over 80 million sports power, the likes of @uyobong who stayed back are one of the big guys of the community today. Imagine what my position would have been if I had stayed active till now?!

Indeed patience is an indispensable virtue in all facets of human endeavour. If you understands this, you would go really very far in every endeavor you choose to venture into.

Thank you for taking your time to go through this lengthy article.

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Absolutely, patience is the ultimate key to enter crypto profit. Sometimes some people make a quick profit within a month but that's so rare. If anyone wants to earn massively in the long run, I will advice to invest in good project and forget about it till it starts gaining attention from the public. It may take over a year though but the person will not regret it.