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Yesterday I read the book Challenge Management, in which one of the most famous boxers in the world Vladimir Klitschko shares his experience.


For some of you, it may be weird because the stereotype about boxers is that they are stupid, right?

But in fact, Vladimir is a very intelligent man. His nickname while he was an active boxer was Dr.Steelhammer, and that's a well-known fact, but very few people know that he actually has a doctorate in sports science. In addition, Klitschko is a very successful entrepreneur and lecturer at HARVARD University and the Swiss University.


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Good physical condition and mental strength are the prerequisites for successful action in the long run, says Klitschko.

His ways of analyzing and solving problems are also interesting.
He developed his own system, which he called ERGOSUM.


Following this system, he manages his various businesses.
You can say to yourself, "He's rich and he can have whatever business he wants." I think these are just excuses for people to excuse themselves for not getting what they want. In this case, the wisdom and practical advice he gives in this book can be useful to anyone who has opened his mind.

Of course, the experience he has gained as a professional athlete is significant.I played football for 12 years and I think the discipline that this sport taught me built me ​​as a person.

Klitschko is turning this discipline from sports into business.

SPORT ---------------------------> BUSINESS

endurance------------->persistence 📍
mobility----------------->flexibility ⚔️
coordination---------->organization ⏳
concentration-------->focusing 🔗

I personally learned a lot from this book. I recommend it to anyone looking for ways to cultivate. Only when you step out of your comfort zone you can succeed in life. But above all, you have to be


LYUBO19 1.gif

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Where's Cogito?

Anyway, I like the Sport -- -- -- > Business translation ;) Undoubtedly, a model one can benefit from studying, he is.

Тrue! By the way, who is Cogito? 🤗

Cogito Ergo Sum — I think, therefore I am.

I even thought it was Cognito/cognitus or something like that, it definitely has the same meaning. But I googled it and it seemed the perfect pun.

ahh i didn't know about him at all, it was a good read!!

also, a quick reminder to vote leofinance as a witness and help them build more things around here! If you don't know how or what a witness is let me know!

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@filotasriza3 I know how to do it mate, but can you tell me what is the purpose of doing these? I mean what I am earning with these or I am just helping the leofinance growth ( and losing 3 hive tokens for this ) :D

you don't actually lose 3 hive tokens for this, at least i don't know anyone who paid to vote. you have 30 votes in total that you can cast to whoever you like and whenever you want you can take that vote back.

So imagine that Hive doesn't have a "president" or a "ceo" they have the witnesses for making serious decisions for the future of hive. Those witnesses can be any of us if running nodes and stuff.

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Actually it didn't charge me 3 HIVE!


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So I did it :)

gj man! and i see leofinance already moved up to 31 from the 32 position!

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This is good :)

I mean that the Reg Fee is 3 HIVE :) Now I understand this witnesses.. Thanks!

Very interesting post, thanks for sharing this book with us!
I would definitely consider giving it a look.

It is pretty good book. The champ has a lot to show and to learn from ;)

Изглежда интересна... 🤔🙂Ще и хвърля едно око... 😁