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The DeFi boom year can be traced down to 2020 and this was due to non-custodial and decentralized staking and lending platforms. There are several platforms/projects that made this happened and some are still looking into a better way to serve their community members better by listening to their voices to launch a feature, or platform that will serve them well at their comfort zone and with a comfortable reward.
MANTRA DAO released ZENTEREST late last year to close there Q4 milestone on their roadmap.

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MANTRA DAO is a community-based DeFi platform, which takes community voice is very important to the team. ZENTEREST is a platform that allows users to supply, borrow, and use their digital assets as collateral in a peer to peer decentralized fashion. ZENTEREST is an overcollateralized, market, and lending protocol.

ZENTEREST is a fork of two projects which are Compound Finance & Cream Finance, which comes with its own unique list of digital assets and additional OM incentive which is distributed to suppliers or borrowers within the platform (ZENTEREST).

At the moment, ZENTEREST is Ethereum based protocol and one key factor that MANTRA DAO look up to is their own Mainnet which will make use of Rio Chain a project build on substrates that will allow MANTRA DAO product connect with other blockchains (interoperability), do not MANTRA DAO is part of Polkadot Ecosystem. In order words, ZENTEREST has potential to bridge other interoperable blockchains, like Polkadot ecosystem in order to allow a multitude of assets to be listed.

At the moment, ZENTEREST of MANTRA DAO has the following crypto asset

These assets launched ZENTEREST in December 2020: OM, ETH, wBTC , USDC, DAI, COMP, CREAM, RFUEL, LINK

New Crypto Assets Listed:


The vision of MANTRA DAO is to enhance the quality of Decentralized Finance products and services and allows easy interface the people can interact with and with the additional crypto assets, it gives an opportunity for Sherpas (Community members) to hold their assets for a very long time and leverage on the digital market.
MANTRA DAO will continue to seek for the best way to support her community by listening to them, which means more crypto assets will be listed based on community request.

Check out ZENTEREST platform and participate

You can learn more about MANTRA DAO by visiting:

Disclaimer: This project is in Beta. ZENTEREST contracts are a fork of Compound Finance & Cream.finance in its current form and hence are only as secure as Compound Finance’s and Cream.finance’s contracts and the underlying infrastructure. Users are advised to be informed and use the platform at their own risk.