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RE: Telling the world about WLeo with Meme's and my thoughts on races and winning a meme contest

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Do you think one can make a living making memes


Some people get paid big money however if one believes one can simply start making memes and see the big bucks coming in that would be wrong.
Memes making is a creative field so if you enjoy the journey of making memes you may excel and end up making money.
However if you try to make money by making money there may be too much pressure and it may be bad for your creativity.
Just my thought. Memes can be a two edged sword and one needs to be careful how to use this powerful weapon/tool

Hey @twistytango I see you have already started earning with memes
as a winner of the memechallenge you sure are watching the hive bucks rolling in
Congrats! and good luck

thanks a ton