Day 875 | Back To Hot Yoga

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I started a challenge of taking 100 days off to mainly focus on my health and overall personal development and used this account as a personal blog to keep track of all my activity. I enjoyed it and continued afterward trying to build better habits and find a good balance between health, fitness, work and my personal life....

After 2 months, I'm back joining my hot yoga classes and I plan to do 3 each week. I took it fairly slowly yesterday on my first one back and will be building things back up as I move along. Monday Morning 90 minute , Wednesday Morning 90 Minute, Friday Lunchreak 60 Minute will be the ones I join. I'm still not 100% sure about the covid situation as infections are on the rise again at the moment but I somehow hope I am immune after getting sick a couple months ago and there don't have seem to be any cases in the class. It's always a risk which I'm willing to take to get the benefits.

I also did my daily reps in the eveing and watched an excellent football match in the belgian league making some good money on it which puts me back in the green on the season.

I ended the day watching another episode of the Wonder Years (Season 5 now) which is a show I have grown to absolutely adore.

DayBed TimeAwakeOut BedDay Score
01 Sep00:0009:0010:009
02 Sep00:0008:0009:005
03 Sep00:0007:0008:008
04 Sep01:0010:0010:206
05 Sep23:0007:4008:505
06 Sep23:0007:0007:457
07 Sep00:0007:0008:156
08 Sep00:0007:0008:158
09 Sep00:3007:0008:208
10 Sep00:0007:3008:208
11 Sep00:3008:0008:457
12 Sep23:3008:3009:007
13 Sep23:3007:0007:307
14 Sep00:0007:0007:508

365-Day Rep Challenge

My goal is to do a minimum amount of reps during an entire year in order to stay somewhat consistent. So far I'm both running slightly behind in my schedule and am already hurting in my arms and shoulders. I am slowly building it up though.

Plank36500 Sec620 Sec
Side-Plank43800 Sec600 Sec

Weekly Weigh-In

Instead of hitting the scale, I'll be weighing myself on a weekly basis. The first goal will be to hit the long-term goal of 62kg with the aim to build it back up with more muscles afterwards.


365-Day Expenses

I will be tracking my daily expenses (Food & Fun/Gas ) during an entire year trying to keep them as small as possible so I can save up and reach some financial freedom sooner

Wed 09 Sep5.45€10€Cinema
Thu 10 Sep0€0€-
Fri 11 Sep14.62€0€-
Sat 12 Sep0€0€-
Sun 13 Sep3.85€0€-
Mon 14 Sep0€0€-