Being monitored every second of your life by technology

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Isn't technology just great? The wonders these small gadgets can do. Phones, bands, watches,...

We are voluntarily being measured every moment of our day. Awake or asleep.

Measured, compared, evaluated, rewarded, tutored, consulted, patronized, advertised to, sold to,... Controlled? Voluntarily and gladly, again.

We, boys especially. We love numbers. Take a look at all american spectator sports with myriad of statistics.

What I was aiming to say? Oh yes, do we really need all this? No, we don't! Yet, we still do it. And brag about it. Like in this article.

Being two faced, am I not? Of course I am.

The numbers game through out the day




Actifit 🙏

I rest my case

This soul has been sold to the numbers' devil for a long time...

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Better and better

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Hey mate.

Personally, I find it disturbing. I like my privacy and do what I can
to limit my inclusion in databases. Maybe I'm being anti-social. :-)

I'm in advertising and increasingly the industry is becoming little more than a numbers game. In doing so, though, it's losing its ability to connect with people. Human beings are more than the sum total of their data points. Indeed, the things which most define them are "emergent properties," things which defy reductionist analysis.

And the advertising industry is but a microcosm of the wider world. I have long opined that resumes are extraordinarly poor measures of a man and yet people are increasingly being valued by that which can be reduced to a metric.


Hey, my dear friend.

Thanks a lot for your comment. I value your opinion highly.

Yes, profiling is the word. It's statistical averaging on an overdrive. Add an emerging AI functionality to the mix and you get ... Matrix :(

This will sound like a lie and a paradox when you look above and see how I am voluntarily under every kind of measurement and following for every breathing second of my life.

I believe in free will.

I believe that everything in our life is our decision and our responsibility. I can decide not to use these gadgets. I can even decide that I won't use Steem any longer :)

Yet, on the other hand, we humans are creatures of comfort. We live by basic rules. We are herd animals. Combine these axioms with propaganda industry, add to it commercialism and new technologies and you get ...

My wife is calling me to join the family for breakfast. I gotta run. Better - I decide to join them. Write you later ...

Is this working?



I believe in free will.

The famous last words of a man to a woman. :-)



Well, your decisions have the consequences, of course.

This is opposite to what almost every institutionalized religion does. It takes away your free will so you can blame someone else for your misery.

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...and remember, you are only one run away from a good mood!.
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