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Hello Marlian
This seems like a nice platform especially for everyone who lives in Nigeria and understands the word Marlian... Hahaha... Really. if you do, you'd feel among and be glad something like this is here.

I'm Stephen Nevets, A Nigerian, A Marlian and an artist.

"Marlians Marlians Marlians

Mp! Mp! Mp!"

"Malo Japa".... @Surpassinggoogle... Thats a classic one.. I feel connected to this already... And I have come here to stay!! Gbe body eh jor!!!!

This is an awesome platform coming form Big brother Terry

I'm proud of you suh!


Care to explain the term to a foreign fool such as myself? :)

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Lol.. It's just a widely accepted slang among the youths now championed by one musician here..... The slang was used by his supporters when the musician was arrested to show support... Since then, it's been a word used to show a kind of resistance to the tyranny of a certain sector of the govt.

I think I've tried to explain enough... If any other nigerian can help

Appreciated. Thanks for the context!

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I fail to see the connection with any kind of sports in this post.

I fail to see the
Connection with any kind
Of sports in this post.

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