Open letter

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Dear marlians tribe

I hope this "letter" finds you in good health. I have read many posts of you under the tag "sportstalk" in which you explain, that you just staked x amount of marlin tokens.

This makes me really happy for you. I also enjoy staking tokens of my chosen tribes.

I try to recall a post in which anything sport related was written as well....but nothing comes to mind.

You see under the tag "sportstalk" people can earn tokens as well but the readers also expect to read something sports related.

But I am sure you knew that already.

I am the last one who wants to piss on your parade but if you post some I staked x marlins tokens and put it under the "sportstalk" tag it looks like you just want some free tokens for your quality post in a tribe where nobody cares about that.

We have a problem within the sportstalk tribe which we call abuse and the only weapon we have is the downvote so far.

Downvoting a post can decrease pending rewards and make it less visible. Common reasons:

Disagreement on rewards

Fraud or plagiarism

Hate speech or trolling

Miscategorized content or spam

As mentioned I don`t disagree with the rewards you get on Steemit or the Marlin tribe but I strongly disagree that you should earn SPORTS tokens for that post.

That is the reason why I downvoted some of those posts.

Downvotes cost voting power the same as upvotes which means I have to upvote less and fight what I see as abuse.

If you look around you see a lot of posts which I would not call high quality posts but beauty is in the eye of the beholder as they say. Still those posts have something to do with sports or the sportstalk community.

I understand the need to earn here on Steemit as this is a big reason I am posting here and delegate and commenting and so on.

Everyone has a different view what is ok, a bit shady or totally not ok.

The steem-game changed with the introduction of tribes and adding a tag can bring a bit of bonus rewards which is nice, I enjoy that as well as you can see down below on the tags I use.

Still I try to use my tags relevant as it totally undermines the purpose of tribes if we just use them all.

I confess that sometimes I stretch a topic a bit so I can use an additional tag as well but it is always somewhat relevant.

Dear @surpassinggoogle

You don`t know me so I can understand if my opinion has no real meaning to you.

I assume you have all your tokens under one account.

As you have a lot of SPORTS even a small vote of you is very meaningful in terms of rewards.

Even if you just want to give out marlians token to greet a new member of your tribe you encourage with that this "tag abuse".

I am happy that you are a part of Steem and the Sportstalk tribe and also happy for you that you founded your own tribe but I see that as a problem.

I know you were helping with comment voting abuse as well so I am sure you give a shit about discouraging abuse and don`t see this as an attack and rather more as finding a solution.

Also this is just one random dudes opinion and maybe the rest does think it is not a big deal.


This is a very issue of genuine concern you have raised here @flipstar, and I am totally in agreement with all the salient points of this piece.

People make posts with all types of tags without regard to find out if the said tag is tribe specific. And that's just unhealthy for all of us here.

Thanks for this awesome write up

@surpassinggoogle I know you must be busy these days but please reply to this post and lets make this right. You can delegate SPORT to a .sport account and curate sport content. I agree with @flipstar

Danke!! Mein Feed ist voll mit diesen Posts, die ich persönlich ja total schwachsinnig finde. Genau so wie die Posts über all die anderen tribes und darüber wie alt mein Account jetzt schon ist. Interessiert doch sowieso keinen?!

Obwohl ich ein paar wenige dieser tribes ja auch toll finde (den Rest hab ich gleich verkauft), fängt es an zu nerven.

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ja leider schon aber der gute alte mute button funktioniert zum Glück ja noch :-)

I support what is being said here.

Perhaps Terry @surpassinggoogle can help with this message to the tribe?

People don't understand the difference between some tribes have tags that are free to use regardless such as Marilians and some are stricter to the specific subject matter of the tribe such as Sportstalk.
I make many comments on people abusing the tags each day , some are understanding and apologetic, some don't bother to reply.
We all just need to chip away at the non relevant posters with comments and then downvotes , most don't take a lot of power to negate their rewards.
I even had to complain about a steemhunt mod abusing the tag last week.
Keep battling to keep it clean guys and let's try and post regular 'watch' lists as we are all in different time zones we need to share the intel :-)

True. I think some dont do it with bad intension and just not knowing better.

Some on the other hand I have a hard time believing that.

From the discord I have the impression that we are having a good amount of people caring.

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