2019 World Bowling Tour Finals Full Match

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time and now just the four pin is thatthe tendon muscled it down hold it at its ankles I can't remember there was so much action going on attack it part of history one of only a handful three-time member now of Team USA 2011 2018 and just named to the 2019 roster there's a two-time member of the junior team USA if you walk around the halls here in

Arlington at the international training and research center you're gonna
see some wonderful old school pictures of ej tackett on the walls spare
you know the drop comparison between Liz Johnson and tackett Liz
was playing the Lions about 12 at the arrows out to about eight at about
eighteen and a half miles an hour where the 340 rpm Rev rate is we take
a look at the final points and this is how our players got here just edging
out Andrew Anderson was ej tackett ej tackett 1906 the break point 19
miles an hour with a rev rate of 530 yes do we not like him that neurone
look I mean it's it's AIT's really as an eight eight yeah I think he has to get
in where ej tackett is and open the lane up to the pit kid we'll be standing
by with our number one seed Anthony Simonson thanks Rob so Anthony
I saw you watching the match a little bit when you watch something like

this what is it you're exactly looking for and can you take anything away
from it you know just trying to see which Lane is playing a little more
difficult where the guys are playing and help me get an understanding
for my couple shots that I get on Lane and get ready to get you know
get the match started on a good start and what are you noticing today
looks like this right lane is playing a little difficult so more than likely I'm
going to finish on the left lane all right thanks so much for your time
staying with the earthing and to give you an idea how much different
reactive resin bowling balls are compared to urethane when stood
through his first shot of the match he used reactive resin when he

threw the urethane ball it was 13 boards difference 13 boards farther
right with urethane significance golden jackal for ej tackett he
strikes hearing a fourth let's take one more look at the WBC final
points from 2018 in the seat Tackett just barely snuck in there
at the number three spot had 21 more than Andrew Anderson
remember EJ had to go to the men's world cup the world
championship in Hong Kong had to win the all events title
to get here that was in the end of November goes to Hong Kong
does what he had to do and here he is in Arlington continuing and
looking for another title 20 miles an hour that's approaching
the two-handed style Jaison Belmonte and yes purse fencing in
terms of raw power and just to think it comes from a guy who
probably weighs about a buck 30 soaking wet buck 30 really

maybe I give him a few more ldz yeah really yeah dude isn't it nice
it's nice just to be quiet and listen to Clinton chance it's got a chance
chance it's got a chance and a double first to Williams so it was eight
spare eight spare eight spared his first three frames figured things out
strikes in the fourth and the fifth as you look at his three-ball Arsenal
today fever pitch going with urethane and I like the fact that he stayed
committed even though he didn't make the best of shots when you
went to the urethane ball but I think he he feels these pot committed
now and it's a win it we begin to sixth down 13 chance chances are
when we return we're gonna wrap up this match and we're gonna
try our best Randy to detail Stu's follow-through can I call
the follow-through you can