4 Common Self Defense Mistakes

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When it comes to self defense, it is not all about fighting. You learn different things in your martial arts training. You will also learn how to observe a situation and make your move accordingly.

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Sometimes the situation gets worse and you end up getting hurt pretty bad. There are some common self defense mistakes that if you pay attention and not to do that, you can protect yourself.

1. Not aware of your surroundings

When you feel someone is about to attack you, and you think you can kick that guy and take his cool. If you are not aware of the surroundings, you might get in big trouble. You see there is one guy. Yes, one guy is standing in front of you. There might be other guys to the side or behind you.

So those guys can attack you and you have no clue what's going on. This is one of the big mistakes not to be aware of your surroundings.

2. Not to use verbal defense

When you see the situation is not going in the right direction. You can talk to the guy, he might be aggressive and arrogant, and he thinks he is right. Well, you can still talk to him and calm him down. Be honest and say you do not want any trouble or what happens, you can fix that.

3. Not to be ready to defend yourself

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So you are talking to the guy and say that you do not want to fight. That's the truth. You do not like to fight, get hurt or hurt others. But you have to be ready, so in case he attacks you, you can make your move fast to defend yourself. So do not let your guards off.

4. Getting close to the attacker

You do not want to attack the guy. So make the distance. It makes it difficult for him to attack you. Even if the guy attacks you, you can see that, and counter-attack as a defense.

If you are close to the attacker, and suddenly he strikes, you will find it hard to defend that. So make the distance if you intend not to attack him first.

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If you are interested to learn more about martial arts and self defense, please keep in touch and you can join Self Defense Care.

Stay safe. Always be happy!


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