--_-- Mike Tyson Is Selling Weed & Getting High --_--

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In my opinion, one of the greatest heavyweight boxers in history "Iron" Mike Tyson now earns his bread by growing cannabis and promoting his brands worldwide. Most people probably think Mike jumped to this type of business by coincidence but that's far from the truth. Mike is a cannabis consumer throughout his whole life and doesn't shy away from admitting it in this interview with the Schmo where they also talk about other stuff going on Mike's life at the moment.

Let me know what Yall think!

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We need Iron Mike Tyson on Weedcash!!!!

IMHO he was the best pound for pound heavyweight ever.
But who knows.. There is the age old argument of "would he have beaten Ali?"
Ali liked to take punches and let his opponents run out of gas. That would have not been a good idea with Tyson, but then again, Ali was an intuitive boxer, so idk..
I would want to be smoking weed with Tyson if I was hanging out with him. The man has a temper, he's probably pretty chill when he smokes.

Iron Mike knows what the heck hes doing. Hes a business man. He did a great interview with Joe Rogan. Mike talked about how he was doing crazy stuff and may have tripped on lsd at age of 13 or something like that lol

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