dPoll Results v Betting Odds : UFSea 251 on Fight Island

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The first fight card on Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, UFC 251 is over and results are in:


dPoll got the Rose/Andrade fight wrong, I got Volk/Holloway wrong, the odds were always on point.

Links to the respective polls:

Kumite 1 : UFSea 251 on Fight Island : Jéssica v Rose 2

Kumite 2 : UFSea 251 on Fight Island : Volkanovski v Holloway 2

Kumite 3 : UFSea 251 on Fight Island : Ribas v VanZant

Kumite 4 : UFSea 251 on Fight Island : Usman v Masvidal

20200712 UFC 251 MMA Odds Betting Lines Best Fight Odds.jpg

Odds from William Hill via https://www.bestfightodds.com/, 12.07.2020, 01:00 UTC

How do odds work: (-) indicates the favourite, (+) indicates the underdog

  • Usman - 250 means you pay 250 in order to win 100

  • Masvidal + 190 means you pay 100 to win 190

List of UFC events: Wikipedia

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