Sports bike or not + two never-before-seen photos! [Viewer discretion advised] πŸ˜‚

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If you have ever ridden a fast motorbike fast you'll know what I'm getting at in this post and why I'm working so hard to convince my wife to allow me to buy another one. Yes rockstars, I need her approval. [Don't laugh]. πŸ˜ƒ

Many haven't ridden though, not just for lack of opportunity, but also fear of what may happen...Motorbikes can be very dangerous. Falling off one can often mean death, permanent disability or at the best, some serious scrapes and bruises...I still want another one though.

The fastest bike I had was a Yamaha YZF R1, a 1000cc monster based upon the bike Valentino Rossi races in MotoGP. It is raced in the Superbike category in virtually road-stock condition also. It was first released in 1998 and there have been many evolutions since including a new 2020 model.

It was fast. It was also scary as hell, but I managed to control my throttle hand and managed not to kill myself on it as I rode all over the place, mainly on the twisty stuff up in the Adelaide hills. Chain of Ponds for example, a very twisty run that heads from Tea Tree Gully up to Birdwood and beyond; A quick google map of Tea Tree Gully to Birdwood will demonstrate it best.

I also had a YZF R6, a 600cc bike, whilst smaller in engine size and slightly in stature, was a street-beast all of its own...Very fast and super-agile - It went where one pointed it. I'd ride both bikes with vigour and on occasions I rode on the track, on designated track days. I always felt safer there, but pushed the limits a little more I suppose. Ah, the good old days, not that long ago actually.

Sometimes my wife would come for a ride; She loved it! For me it wasn't as fun to ride with her as her weight, slight as it is, would put pressure on my back as I braked and that in-turn put pressure on my wrists so after a while it got uncomfortable. Still, we would go for rides to the beach, have some lunch or dinner then ride around enjoying the wind rushing by and the feeling of freedom.

The images here are of her helmet, a lid that hasn't been used since I got rid of my bikes a couple years ago. Yes, that's a semi-naked woman painted on the side. I'm probably meant to put NSFW here or something but you're all at work surfing porn anyway so that seems moot. The lid is supposed to resemble a World War Two fighter jet and she picked it herself.

I've been pestering her to get another bike for about 18 months; She won't even discuss it though. I get a firm "no it's too dangerous," and that's the end of the conversation until I bring it up a week or so later. I'm tenacious though and I get the impression I'm wearing her down little by little, bit by bit. (Yeah, probably not, but I'm persistent nonetheless.)

I don't need a bike, I want one, but to be honest she is completely correct, it's very dangerous. The thing is that riding bikes is so much fun! If you've done it you'll know what I mean as I said earlier. Scary as hell sometimes, but fun.

Anyway, this Saturday...And I'm trusting you here, I'm off to ride the current R1 at a bike shop. It's all set up and yesterday afternoon after work I dug out my helmet, gloves and jacket in preparation...On the sly of course. You won't tell Faith right?

That's the bike below, screen-captured from the Yamaha website. Sexy huh? I'm excited.

Here's a video of it also...Yep, you know it...I'm excited!

I am really looking forward to being back on a bike, even if only for 60 minutes or so; I'm also sure the first few minutes will be very tentative...Gassing one of these things hard feels a little bit like being shot out of a gun so I'll be very gentle for a bit and then...You know...It'll be on! πŸ˜ƒ

I'm not sure what's going to happen, I mean about a decision on whether I get one or not and to be honest I think the ride on Saturday will help me understand it better. I'm not sure if I want an R1, or something more sedate, a Ducati Monster or something, Triumph Street Cup maybe. We'll see, and at least I'll have some fun thinking about it whilst blasting the R1 around on Saturday.

Now, because I'm in a crazy mood thinking about motorbikes I'm going to leave you with a couple photos from 2002. No one has seen them before, except for me and Faith (my wife). This is me with my Yamaha TRX850 twin. This is the second bike I had, purchased second hand and I replaced it in 2005 with the Yamaha R6. The R1 came after that, both brand new as I don't trust second hand stuff much.

The images are quality as they were taken with a 1Mb camera, and I'm in them...That's right a whole 1Mb! Be kind y'all, I can't help how I look. Settle down ladies, I'm taken. πŸ˜‚

I'll keep you posted on the galenkp wants a bike process.

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ooo exciting enjoy your StreetHawk adventures

I'm almost certainly going to have a great time. πŸ™‚

Sounds like you need a Lambo 1000 V4

I think I'll stick with the Yamaha YZF R1, I'm not much of a Lambo sort of dude. Thanks for your suggestion though. How do you find yours?

I found mine with a search engine using image search :)

Oh ok. I heard about those things...Search engines...Googile or some such? The interwebs are miraculous places.

P.s. That yellow bike...Looks hideous. The car is legit though.

I got cleaned up in my early 20's. Guy hit me from behind and wrote off my bike. Knocked me flying. I'd slowed right down to turn left. Superficial injuries only, thankfully. Nothing like @thevillan; he really suffered.

Yeah, it happens. Hopefully not tomorrow between 10 and 11am.

Ride till you die brother.. Mad respect for the bikers... Going that fast on just emm 2 wheels damn that's balls guys..

BTW I love that KBC Helmut

Hey there...I'm trying not to get too excited and wet my pants but failed...(Haha, just kidding!)

Really looking forward to pressing that little red button tomorrow and grabbing first gear. I (probably) won't pop a mono out of the dealership. πŸ˜‚

Thanks for your comment, it is greatly appreciated.

(Oh yeah her helmet...She loved it...I made her wear a little more clothing than the picture on the helmet when on the bike though.)

Knees in the breeze πŸ‘. Have fun on the test ride and stay safe mate lot's of crazies on the roads πŸ€ͺ.

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Oh yeah, so many idiots on the road...No one looks out for motorcyclists...Too busy checking for Facebook likes.

Hey, @galenkp.

I wish you well with this. I know three people who have had some pretty bad accidents, and none of them were on a sport bike per se, or going very fast. As you astutely point out, it doesn't take much. That in and of itself, I think, realizing the dangers, is what will make it safer. Knowing how to ride, and a healthy appreciation for one's own mortality is helpful, too.

As you note in the comments, there are a lot of crazies. And some of them ride bikes.

Unfortunately, I think I fell into the crazy category a day or so ago. I don't know if it's because I'm used to seeing to headlights or the width or what. I pulled out in front of one unintentionally because I didn't recognize they were there until I was already into the turn.

Maybe it's a good thing I'm not in Australia.

So, anyway. Do what you got to do. Just stay safe. :)

I've had a few near-misses and was run off the road on one occasion - Hit the armco railing but kept the bike up. Yep, $4,000 damage to the bike, hurt my ankle and my pride...I was lucky. That was on my TRX pictured.

You're right and to be honest I think tomorrow's ride may be a good litmus test as to whether I actually want one, or not. I got rid of my bikes as I was riding less and less due to the crazy bastards on the road so maybe I should channel my energy somewhere else...Like on a HOVERCRAFT! Lol...Nah, not really.

I get your point, and agree totally.

It's really too bad that we can't just get in things, go as fast as we want, and not have to worry about downsides. I'd probably have a pilot's license by now. :)

I could see myself pulling a few Gs. My luck, I'd probably not have the right stuff, which means I'm perfectly fine as is. :)

Maverick and Goose style!

(Please tell me you know the reference - Amazing how many people don't know of the Top Gun movie)

I don't even think I've seen the movie, but yes, I know the reference. Hard not to growing up in the 80s. Top Gun 2 will probably make more folks want to watch the original. :)

I don't know if I feel the need, the need for speed, but I do know I can't drive 55. :)

I don't know if I feel the need, the need for speed, but I do know I can't drive 55.


I'm looking forward to the new movie - Will probably be as bad as the first, but I'll watch it...I'm not known for my stoic resistance to jet fighters.

Dang bro! Throwback with the stunnas lol I always desired a motorbike and still do, my lack is funding. Only bike I’ve ridden was a 150cc dirt bike years ago.. the 1000cc u mentioned sounds scary indeed Ha! But just a little practice, work the way up the engine size and bam!

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Oh yeah man, a regular George Clooney (gone wrong!) πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚ I wondered if I should post them but figured may as well. I looked like that, can't help it.

I'm looking forward to my ride tomorrow. Will be cool. Yep, gotta work your way up there...150cc dirt bike to R1 is a big leap! 😳

Take some photos today obvi and do a side by side

I'll try for photos. I don't want to look like a fresh faced newb though...That never leaves the dealership with a lot of confidence when they're handing the keys if a $26,000 bike to a dude they hardly know. I'll see if I can get a few sneaky ones though.

I always wanted one when I was younger but then I got a feckin guitar instead to assuage my mandreams!! Cool as fuck though!

I love riding...So free, a little scary but exhilarating. I didn't know you cut it up on the axe! You're a rockstar! πŸ˜„

Lol, I had my moments in the fun and distant past. All me electrics are hidden away from the youngest boom and his meaty bodging fingers.

I can imagine. I had a shot of my mates a few times. It was a shit 125. But I could see where the draw was!

I can recall as a younger bloke thinking that I have to do stuff now while I can...Little did I know that it's later in life where things start to really come together and consolidate, deepen; Both from an experience and posession perspective. You know?

I guess that's what's behind my live your best life now ethos. Makes every moment valuable.

What a machine. Funny line, concerning the naked lady on your wife's helmet.
I have never owned a bike, but the thrill of sitting on that much power must get your heart pumping. Living on a farm the bikes we own are all of the 4 wheel version, and boy do we put them to work. Just a couple of months ago I bought @farm-mom a new one. She had no idea I was purchasing one.
Quick funny story. She was in the house when I pulled it out of hiding and parked it on the front lawn. When I told her that I wanted her to come out side, that I had a present for her, her exact words were, " I hope it was expensive".
That is so out of character for her as she is very frugal.
When she saw the new quad she was shocked.
The bike in the top picture my 700 Yamaha Grizzly, a little more power then she needs.
Her bike is the 450 Yamaha kodiak.

Being that we live in the middle of nowhere and most of the roads look like this,

IMG_5620.JPG the quads are perfect for us.

When you go for your test ride, stay safe @galenkp

Haha, yeah I like to be a little cheeky in my blogs, hence the line you refer to. Shows character and a little of my true nature.

So, quads...I only ever rode one...Almost tipped it over. Seems like you live quite remotely so a quad is a great gift for your wife. "Hope it was expensive"...Didn't expect that huh? 😳 We went to New Zealand a few weeks back for a holiday...They had a quad tour thing in the forest...I was keen as, but didn't get the chance. Next time though.

Thanks for your pics and taking the time to write back.

I'll be careful tomorrow...I'm a pretty sensible guy really, despite what I write about. πŸ™‚

As my bride of 45 years Always says when there is the least bit of danger with any activity, be safe and wear your helmet. The wear your helmet advise is just a blanket statement that she uses to let us know how much she loves us and that safety is paramount on her mind. Having three boys, and a girl that is probably more adventurous then her brothers, wearing a helmet is great advice.
Our daughter is 29 now and back when she was only 17, we took a short weekend excursion to visit some friends. Before going we told them to stay safe and be careful. When we got home we asked how their weekend went. When Erica told us that her and her brother had gone skydiving over the weekend, I thought farm-mom was going to drop dead right there. Our daughter's reply was, " at least I wore a helmet.
She told her mother that it was not too dangerous, as this being her first time she jumped in tandem with an instructor. The girl has been jumping out of perfectly good airplanes ever since.

Seems like you raised some sensible kids. The old wear a helmet ethos has worked...Although I'm not sure about jumping out of planes unless they're on fire or you're James Bond! Not my idea of fun although it must be exhilarating. Not sure what a helmet would do if things went badly...πŸ˜‰

Common sense, ownership and responsibility need to be applied equally and in good measure in all things.

Got you on that helmet thing being of little help. Thanks for the compliment @galenkp with how we raised our kids. Not that putting the time in that is necessary, if you expect your children to grow up to be moral, and productive citizens, is a guarantee, it sure does give them a better chance. There are so many temptations out there these days, that were not around back in the day , staying on the right track will always be a challenge regardless of a parent's involvement @galenkp

I'm not a parent but often comment to my wife, who is also not a parent, on how hard it must be. We also make many observations of parents probably not being as proactive as they can. We try to reserve judgement as we aren't parents, but sometimes it's unavoidable.

On the flip-side we some some excellent parenting and know that there are some amazing role-model-parents out there.

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Wow, that is one serious bike, I got goose bumps watching the video.
I have to agree with your wife...NO, NO,NO !
Be careful with the test run, wear your helmet!!
Faith's helmet is the bomb, love a woman with confidence.

Wear a helmet...You know, my mum would have said that but she passed away after a fight with cancer so..."Yes [default] mum." πŸ˜‚

You know I was raised by a mum who said there's three things I can't have...Guns, tattoos and motorbikes. Sorry mum, got all three. She hated bikes. Hated them! However 12 months before she died I got her on the TRX pictured. She loved it, was scared and exhilarated at the same time...I like to think she felt like she'd overcome a fear at a time when her biggest fear was her own death. She died peacefully and without pain due to morphine but there was much pain and suffering along the way. Me taking her for a ride is one of the good memories I have.

Anyway, I'll be careful. Despite how I talk about it (riding bikes) I'm really a pretty responsible guy. I appreciate the reminder to wear a helmet and know it's a way of simply saying be careful, come home in one piece. I plan to.


Have fun on your ride!

Will do. Heading there now

16 less wheels......... Used to be an escape. A little dangerous, but that was the thrill of it.

Now..... Just deadly.

It is the other "distracted" cell phone junkies that are deadly. As You know, motorbikes can be safe if we ride them responsibly. But We have NO CONTROL over the stupidity of the others on the highway. And it is a PANDEMIC of electronics stupidity.

Mine stays in the mancave.....

Tooooo many cell phone junkie zombies behind the steering wheels.

Bob Seger can still "Roll Me Away" tho.....

I hear ya! Just riding around yesterday was dangerous. So many idiots. I could see them as I rode by, on their phones, not watching the road.

Holy smokes sir galenkp!! jeez, I didn't know about these bikes you were into, wow wow wow, those things are incredible! I know nothing about them except they look super cool and fast, never rode one. You look like a professional racer!

How was the ride?

I'm a man of many talents...Not good at them, but I have them. πŸ™‚

Yeah, I've been riding for a while...Enjoy it a lot but it's getting crazy on these roads.

Β 9 months agoΒ (edited)

Oh, there again I thought maybe only our roads were getting worse. Sir krazzytrukker says it's more dangerous here every year. "Not good at them" don't believe that for a second!

More traffic, less attentiveness, declining road quality and driving ability. It all makes for a more dangerous environment for everyone.

Well there's no excuse for the declining driving ability with all the technology we have these days, that one surprises me. Too bad they didn't grow up with your brother, that would make them cautious! lol.

declining driving ability with all the technology we have these days, that one surprises me

It's because there has been an influx of people from other countries where roads are different. Many have never had a car as an adult then get here and get one...They are either too timid creating problems, or careless mostly. Add to that phone-driving and all the rest and driving declines.

I guess coming from an asian country, or the sandbox, where things are different doesn't make for good drivers...Just in the same way checking how many likes one has on facebook whilst doing 110kph doesn't either.

Not everyone can drive a new vehicle with the safety features...And no amount of safety features will help a motorcyclist stopped at a red light when the phone-driver doesn't stop...

oh man...where are most of the immigrants coming from?
Doesn't Australia have strict immigration policies are does that not have anything to do with it?

Asia and middle East mainly. Our policies are...Well...I think you can work it out. We're selling out to China and others...I'm not a fan of it.

Just buy it bro, I got over 50 of them lol, check a few of my posts, will be adding more bike posts daily with regards to me restoring and riding them.

Hey mate, thanks for replying. 50? That's cool. And you restore them too? I'll take a look for sure.

Yes got a barn full, a workshop/garage full, old farm house full, and thank you for popping by, love it when a fellow biker pops by, superb. Thats the garage

Oh yeah, just a few bits and pieces...Lol.

I'll look out for some posts about your bikes for sure!

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