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Here is a photo I want to share with you.


This is my entry for #MySportPhotography initiated by @eii

The Rules of MySportPhotography Challenge

  1. Use only your original photos!
  2. Use the tag #MySportPhotography
  3. The title of your post must include MySportPhotography

Recommendations (not mandatory)

  1. In your post you can invite your friends, to join the Challenge to increase its popularity.
  2. You can add descriptive text to the picture for better understanding.
  3. The photos can be edit with program, add effects, and so on.

Everyone can participate in this Challenge!




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Here is one of my different posts:
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I appreciate your support! Thank you!

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I agree with referee6 as I see this as spam. At least write something and add to the post. There are enough crap posts on here already and don't try and promote crap.


you just rose a upvote from @curationhelper thanks for post promotion. For Information read my daily post


Thank you eii! You've just received an upvote of 3% by thejollyroger!

Learn how I will upvote each and every one of your posts

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Any content shared under #sportstalk should be in relation to sports in some fashion or another. Any posts that donโ€™t tie back to our vision will be considered spam and should not be supported. Community Guidelines

One photograph, part of a photography contest is not portstalk, #sportstalk tag use is not justified here. Please respect the rules.

@referee6 First, this is not a contest, but a challenge. And secondly, this photo is related to a sports facility for daily use.

ย last yearย (edited)

It doesn't matter if it is a contest or a challenge, it doesn't change anything. What matters is that your post doesn't add any value to the tribe. One photo of a sport facility doesn't qualify. The rest of the text is not sport related. I don't understand why can't you at least ask for a description? Using tags unjustified we'll lead to spamming.

I've checked your posts, you're posting one photo which may or may not be sport related and the same text each time. That is called copy paste. There's no effort in your posts and no value to the sportstalk tribe.
You've been warned.

ย last yearย (edited)

interjecting sorry :( but saw in replay room and agree it is mostly tons of links , a few links and referrals are one thing but this is sorta overkill imho, if people want to non stop advertise then buy a slot and not this?
good job

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