2020 A New Year with New Goals

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With 2020 kicking off it is a good time to evaluate your past year and see what you can learn from it. I learned that my health is more important now than ever, especially since Im about to begin my new life when I get married this spring.

I honestly don't really care to make "new years resolutions" but I do think it is a great time to evaluate the prior year and to get my shit together so I can start the next year off on the right foot. Hopefully, if I do it right, it will set a positive tone for the entire year the first month of the year.

I have tried this in the past and have been quite successful as long as I can turn my routines into habits. It takes 22 days to create a habit/routine that your body and mind are used to so I am really pushing myself hard right from the start this year, that is why I finally broke down and got a gym membership so I can do it right this year.


I think it's best to sit down and actually write some goals down on paper for the year, that way you can look at them daily and keep them fresh in your mind. 2020 will be a year of health for me because I am getting married in the spring and I want to be in the best shape of my life for this special occasion. Now, this may seem easy enough but being 37 years old I am going to have to really push myself to be as sexy as I was in my early 20s and a soldier. LoL. Needless to say, I am going to have to go hardcore to make complete this health goal.

To kick it off I am going extreme on the healthy (organic) eating and cutting out all the bad stuff, at least until my wedding in April. So to expedite this weightloss and rid myself of the stubborn visceral fat (and love handles) I am cutting out all soda until April. Not only that, I am also not drinking any Alcohol until April! I know I know, it sounds crazy (LoL), but sometimes you have to sacrifice things to get the outcome you want.... ugh. Haha. Oh yeah and absolutely no more fast food or eating out until April :( That will really help to drop any excess weight.


I have decided to implement an 80% plant-based diet along with intermittent fasting. My body seems to function best on that diet so I will be able to lose weight and gain muscle faster. Let's just hope I can keep on it for 4 months without cheating (too much LoL).

(my running path)

I also have goals for my long-distance running this year. In 2019 I did a lot of running, in fact, I ran over 600 miles so in 2020 I want to run more than 800! In 2019 I ran in three 5k races, one color run, and one Rugged Maniac Mud Obstacle course. I improved my times quite a bit throughout the year and am going to continue to step it up this year. I plan to run a 10k race (in under 42 minutes) and complete a half marathon without stopping to walk.

2020 Should be an amazing year for sure, hopefully the crypto market will reflect that too ;)

Make 2020 the year your dreams come true :0) Take care friends.

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That is pretty awesome. I started working out a while ago. I am hoping I can get to that 22 day point where it just become s habit for me. It has been hard at times, but I know it will be worth it. I stopped drinking soda a long time ago and I don't really miss it. The only time I have it now is when it is mixed with captain. I don't even drink that so much anymore. I have been doing mostly whiskey on the rocks which they say is actually pretty good for you in moderation.

That's awesome you are taking control of your health :) Your body and mind will thank you! I was rather unhealthy about 4 years ago and decided to change my habits. Cutting out soda and cutting down on alcohol is a great place to start, but I know what you mean with the Capt and Coke ;) haha.. I also started my health journey with quitting drinking soda, but I also cut out all fast food and candy right away too cuz I knew they were a big problem for me as well. That along with a 2-mile daily walk had me losing weight quick and it wasn't all that difficult. After I lost some weight I felt better so I slowly added more exercise and cut out more unhealthy foods and it all just snowballed from there.. I guess I'm saying just start slow with things you know you can accomplish and once you are comfortable with that then add more. It's a process, ya know? Rome wasn't built in a day, you can't climb a mountain in one step and all those good sayings.. I find if you go all in right from the start I usually fail, but if I slowly work my way up to it then it is easier for me to handle and I tend to succeed more often.. But to each is there own, I hope the best for you in this area and I promis you that it is all worth it in the end ;) Take care friend..

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Awesome, thank you so much! :0)

The entrance fee was paid for you! xx Thanks for entering - it means alot to all of us!

Thats so awesome! Thank you friend 😁

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